Swim 21 Accredited

We are Swim Mark accredited which is the ASA’s National recognition that we are providing a quality service for all our members at Crystal Palace.

On child protection, we have various tiers of safety and procedures.

  1. Our coaches are DBS checked
  2. Our coaches attend ASA child protection courses (updated every 2 years)
  3. All practice sessions both in the gym and the pool can be observed by parents at all times.
  4. We have a Welfare Officer (Gill Snode) that has attended an ASA welfare course and has procedures she follows if any concerns are raised: Gill Snode – email: info@crystalpalacediving.co.uk
  5. We have zero tolerance for bullying and have 30 years of experience dealing with most bullying situations.
  6. On trips, we have accredited Chaperones that are DBS checked and Team Managers that are ASA accredited having attended Level 2 team manager courses who apply for international permits from the ASA when travelling overseas with divers.
  7. We hold regular weekly / monthly coaches meetings and review any incident or occurrences.

Additionally, parents can contact the ASA independently if they have any concerns by clicking this link


Click here for full PDF details

Document: Crystal Palace Diving Do’s & Don’ts For Parents

Document: Crystal Palace Diving Code of Ethics

Document: Crystal Palace Diving Pool Rules 2017

Document: Crystal Palace Diving Diver’s Code of Ethics

Document: Crystal Palace Diving Welfare Officer’s Statement 2017

Document: Crystal Palace Diving Welfare Officer’s Time To Listen Certificates (Valid 2018)

Document: Crystal Palace Diving Emergency Procedures 2017

The Diving Pool is Currently Closed for Upgrade & Refurbishment.