Success For Palace Divers In Plymouth

Mar 6, 2014 | News


Crystal Palace Diving Club travelled to Plymouth for a 4 day diving event, The Armada Cup, held from 20th – 23rd February.  The competition featured clubs from around the UK from as far as Scotland and Ireland plus a host of clubs from England. In total the divers competed in 25 competitions ranging from 9 years old to 16+ years, including 1m & 3m solo and synchro, platform (5m & 7.5m) and a specialist High Dive competition from the 10m board.  Crystal Palace were represented by 26 divers and secured Gold in 5 events.

Crystal Palace medalists were:

Maria Papworth Girls C 1m Springboard
Scarlett Mew-Jensen Girls C 3m Springboard
Scarlett Mew-Jensen & Maria Papworth Girls 13 & under 1m synchro
Pele Julien Boys C 1m Spring

Tyler Humphreys Boys E/D 3m Springboard

Amelia Connolly & Florence Smith Girls 13 & under 1m synchro
Grace May Girls B Platform
Scarlett Mew-Jensen Girls C 1m Spingboard
Tia Monk & Maddie Sweet Girls 14-18 3m synchro
Tyler Humphreys Boys E/D 1n Platform
Tyler Humphreys Boys E/D 5m Platform

Florence Smith Girls C 3m Springboard
Florence Smith Girls C Platform
Jing Leung Womens 16+ Platform
Maddie Sweet Girls B 3m Springboard
Olivia Jones & Ella Whiting Girls 14-18 3m synchro
Noah Williams Boys B 3m Springboard
Noah Williams Boys B Platform
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