Palace Divers Score National Skill Points In Southampton

Nov 11, 2016 | Competition Results, News

Thirteen Divers Score the National Skills Points at the Peter Waterfield competition

At the Peter Waterfield Diving Competition last Saturday in Southampton, 13 of our new up and coming divers scored the qualifying points National Skills

In the Girls 8/9 years the qualifying points are 240:

Congratulations to: Betsy Smith 272.25, Delfina Thomas 269.73, Sofie Sinclair 266.55 and George McAree 252.60

In the Girls 10/11 years the qualifying points are 255:

Congratulations to: Eleanore Suh 290.60, Rose Leary 279.20, Brook Ryan 278.75, Francesca Letts 270.55, Polly Dean 269.75, Mia, Karam 268.50, Olivia Alderton 268.40, Mia Moore 61.15 and Bridget Brailsford 260.15.

Also well tried to Fabianna Pellicca and Georgia Sumerville who just missed their points

Full results below. Divers moving up an age group in 2017 will have a chance to qualify for National Skills at the Regional Competitions.

Detailed Results: pw2016-detailed-result

Simple Results: pw2016-simple-result