The previous first and second came back in May at the second meeting of the series in La Rochelle, France, as the pair finished with Aldridge again second after executing a new dive – the most difficult in the sport a reverse double somersault with five twists.

Over the weekend in Copenhagen, he finished with a score of 476.85 – his highest ever on the tour – to claim his second silver of the series. He overcame Todor Spasov in two rounds, but couldn’t top series leader Hunt’s 511.60 points.
The result sees Aldridge – who has been on the tour since 2012– stand third in the overall standings with 520 points, behind Orlando Duque on 550 and leader Hunt on 800 after the fourth stop on the eight-round event.

He said: “I am only 30 points away from second, so that is well within reach, but first is probably a bit our of reach as Gary has won all four events – he’s storming it.

“It was the first time this year in France that we had ever seen a Britain one-two on the podium and now we have gone one better and done it again.

“Now I have also got the current world record for the hardest dive in the world which is really helping me.

“I used to have the hardest hand-stand dive in the world, now I have taken that out and having this dive gives me so much more in the competition.

“With the hand-stand, I was always thinking about the wind or weather and in the two and a half years I used it, I never really got consistent with it. I lost so many podium finishes when I did not hit it and fell down to sixth or seventh.“I feel a lot more confident now on the tour and I am a lot happier with my dives – I feel like a different person.”

Aldridge is now looking to seal his highest-ever position finish on the tour than his previous eighth.

The top six will automatically qualify for next year’s tour and one more podium place will ensure that.

He added: “I want to keep going the way I am going, I have four consistent dives I am happy with – it’s taken four years to do that and it’s been tough to master.

“One more podium finish will get me top six and qualification for next year. It’ll be my best finish and great after just missing out on it last year.”

Aldridge goes to Italy in early July for a non-Redbull event, before heading straight onto the next leg of the tour in Azores, Portugal – on a nature reserve in the Atlantic and the only natural cliff on the tour.