The Crystal Palace Diving Club membership subscriptions  are paid annually in  January.

This will mean each diver will be affiliated to  the ASA (the governing body), which is a requirement for all club members.

Please make sure all the forms along with the subscription fee are handed back to Alison or Gill at the diving table before January 31st.

Any divers starting after January will be charge pro rata.

There are two levels of membership which are explained here:

Level 1

For all divers who have been diving with us longer than one month

Level 2

For divers who will compete for Crystal Palace Diving Club at Regional level during the coming year

This means all of the following divers:-

a) all those who are train more than once a week

b) all those who train on Saturdays 2pm – 5pm

c) all those who train on Tuesdays or Fridays in Marcin’s group, Wednesdays with Chris Farrow, Thursdays with Zsofia or Fridays with Xiangyan.