High Diving and Olympic Sport

Dec 3, 2014 | News

High Diving to be an Olympic Sport!!!!!

Crystal Palace High Diver, World Champion & Olympian Blake Aldridge said “Amazing! High diving, at long last, is officially now an olympic sport. My year has just got even better than it was already.”

Blake is ranked 8th in the World and No. 1 in Europe for 2014

Read on… Official News Bulletin: DOHA – High Diving has been added as the sixth FINA Aquatic Discipline at the FINA Extraordinary Congress in Doha, Qatar today.

The sport, which FINA has tested and exhibitioned since first crowning high diving world champions at the 2013 World Championships in Barcelona, has already completed a successful FINA World Cup in Kazan, Russian in August 2014.

Today, the FINA Congress added High Diving into its official constitution, along with full inclusion in the Code of Ethics and FINA Ethics Panel.

A full set of general rules were also added for High Diving today with the sport now being officially recognized, as well as requirements for facilities that wish to host the sport.

The sport, which became a worldwide movement under the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series, will now have a path into the Olympic sports movement as part of FINA.

This decision was one of several made by FINA Congress today.