England Talent Games Nov 2011

Dec 13, 2011 | News

talentgamesteamCrystal Palace divers win in Southend

The England Talent Games is an important Event where the top clubs in England pitch their most talented up and coming divers against each other.  The competition covers dry diving skills and diving pool skills over some two days of intense competition.  There are three different events both in the Dry Diving Gym and the Diving Pool.  Divers can place in each of the events and there are overall Individual Winners and Team Winners.

92 divers from eight clubs competed in this years England Talent Games.  Crystal Palace had the largest team of the eight with 20 divers.  Our divers entered three of the four events and won all three events.

Girls 9 and under

Amelia Connolly  won this overall event by 78 points.  She won four of the six individual sections.  Anais Daly-Gourdlialsing finish third overall which was amazing as it was her first ever diving competition.  Andrea Anderson finished 5th over all and picked up a third place in the Trampoline section.  Heidi Florian-Stargard finished 11th overall with a fourth place finish in the Poolside and 5 metre section scoring 10 points towards the team trophy.

Boys 10 and over

We had two competitors in a field of 16 entries.  Noah Williams won the overall competition and four of the six individual events  49 points ahead of the Southampton diver.   Francis Papworth finished 5th overall with a second in the Dryboard section.

tidgamesgirlstenandoverGirls 10 and Over

We took our third overall Gold where we had the greatest entry of some 14 divers of the 36 competitors.  Maria Papworth scored many tens and three of the sections win.  Third was Abby Glynn with a 2nd in the Poolside and 5 metre section and a 3rd in the gymnastic section.  Lexie Howard finished 4th overall with a win in the 1 metre board section and 2 x 3rds in the Trampoline and Dryboard event.

Olivia Jones, and Tia Monk, finished 5th and 6th .  Olivia had an individual win on the Trampoline and a 2nd on the Dryboard which placed her second overall on the Dryland section.  Tia also did well individually finishing second in the Line up section and 3rd on the 1 metre.  Alison Roffey and Rhiannon David finished 8th and 10th overall

These great individual results enabled us to be crowned the overall Girls Team Champions and we were just four points short of the combined Champions Title even though we only competed in three of the four events.

Well done to every one on the Team and proving that we had the greatest depth of talent of all the Clubs in the Country.
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