Crystal Palace Diving Pool – Refurbishment News

Nov 7, 2023 | News

The Greater London Authority (GLA) announced and confirmed in October 2023 that the Crystal Palace Diving Pool is going to be upgraded and refurbished.

When will the Crystal Palace Diving Pool reopen?

The Diving Pool is scheduled to reopen in the Autumn of 2026, following the planned works.

What’s happening to the Crystal Palace Diving Pool?

All four pools are due to be restored. The 10m diving pool is to be upgraded and refurbished. The 50m pool water level is to be raised to ‘deck level’ to improve access and drainage. The teaching pool is to become multi-depth (0m to 1.8m) and multi-sensory. Multiple new larger lifts are to be installed to improve access. New building and plant works are to be installed to make the venue much more energy efficient. Complete roofing and glazing works are to be undertaken.

Additionally, the Crystal Place National Sports Centre (NSC) would retain and grow existing clubs (including gymnastics, diving, weightlifting, and health services). The NSC Grade II*  listed building that we all love will once again become fit and sustainable for future generations.