Croatia Club International 2019

Jul 30, 2019 | Competition Results, News

Crystal Palace Diving Club recently attended the 8th Open Croatian Junior Championships in Rijeka with a group of 12 divers.

Well done to the team, who returned with an impressive total collection of 9 medals.

What the divers said about their experience:

Olivia ‘my favourite part was the pool, but also that we did everything as a team, meaning everyone was there to cheer their teammates on, and were very supportive.’

Lucas ‘It’s really cool to dive in an outside pool and see the amazing view of the sea. I really enjoyed travelling with the squad and cheering each other on in competitions and liked making friends with divers from other countries.’
Anna ‘I really enjoyed training and competing in an outdoor pool; it was an amazing experience and the views were stunning!’
Brooke ‘I am so glad I have been given the opportunity to dive in such an amazing location. I also really enjoyed competing synchro for the first time with Louisa because it’s another great way of practicing my dives.’
Toby ‘I liked going to a new pool and making friends with divers from other European countries. If I could, I would go again and I would encourage others to go if given the chance as it is a great experience and really fun. We got to go shopping in the market and go on inflatables in the sea and that’s not even mentioning the Ice creams we had almost every day. It was the best Competition I have ever competed in.’