ASA Fund Palace Talent Identification

Jun 19, 2015 | News

ASA Fund Crystal Palace Diving’s School Talent Testing

Crystal Palace Diving win a grant from the ASA to continue the next phase of their talent testing in South London Schools starting this September. Chris Snode said this is fantastic news. We have a plan to test 1/4 million south London school children.  To date we have already tested 138,000 7 – 10 year olds in some 450 South London Schools, looking for Britain’s first Olympic Gold.  The money from the ASA will help go a long way in our search as part of our Legacy drive.

Snode Continued… We have invested a lot of time and energy sourcing exceptional Junior school talent.  Once we find them they then compete for their school and the very best are guided by our Olympic and International Chinese coaches.  The testing has paid off as we have been the ASA England Age Group Team Champions for the last seven consecutive years.   We are ambitious and are pushing for up graded facilities, which if approved by the GLA (City Hall), will make Crystal Palace one of the best training facilities in the UK with water harnesses and synchro diving boards… the dry diving gym would be one of the best out side of China.

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