Palace Divers Win in Kent

30 divers travelled down to Tunbridge Wells for the Kent skills competition, and 22  qualified for National Skills! Nine clubs entered the event fielding a total of 93 divers.

In the girls group E competition (ages 8-9), Corin Burrows Mackley won Gold with a score of 309.90 points, and beating 2nd place by a big margin of 36.40 points.

In the boys group E competition, Zack Robinson just missed out on his qualifying score just by 14 points finishing second to Ethan Pearce-Williams from Southampton

In the girls group D competition (ages 10-11), Palace girls took all top six places with Zara Turkel taking the Kent County title, winning with 314.45 points.

In the boys group D, Toby Murrison-Waller took the win with a massive score of 317.60 beating runner up Sam Harvey from Maidstone by 34.35 points.

In the girls group C (ages 12-13), Brooke Ryan and Polly Dean took the 2nd and 3rd position in the “open” event, with Brooke being crowned County Champion.

In the girls group B+ (ages 14-16) Lauren Aitken won the Kent title and qualified for National Skills.

Well done to everyone that competed in what was a very high standard competition, where 49 of the 93 scored their qualifying points.

Kent County ASA Skills simple results May 2017

Kent County ASA Skills detailed results May 2017